Getting one HONKIN’ BIG wooden sign to Arizona

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We’ve done a number of these big wooden signs for the Colorado River Indian Tribes. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and an absolute pain to sandblast and paint! The artwork, as you can see, is quite complex.

Big wooden sign complex handpainting

However, though we’ve shipped some pretty large signs to Arizona, we have never shipped a 6′ by 7′ two sided sign. Humongous (or as Mom would say, “honkin’ big”)! We’ve done bigger sandblasted signs, and certainly longer signs (including a 40′ log), but never one with such intricate painting required.

The first problem we ran into was reach. I’m only 5’5”. Absolutely impossible for me to paint or sand the sign without me jumping onto it (not recommended). So we blasted, sanded, stained and painted the sign in two pieces. Trust me, when the time came to glue my nicely painted sign together, I was “having kittens” (in the words of my mother). Fortunately, our woodworker Wilmer is a genius, and no glue wrecked the finish.

Of course the final coat and touch ups to the outside couldn’t be done until after the sign had been glued together. This created another problem: how to flip it when the time came to do the other side. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to flip a sign weighing more than 400 lbs, so we set up a comealong and winch, and tried our best not to crush anyone.

Flipping big wooden sign

This left one more challenge. Crating the monster. Out came the comealong again, and the boys knew they faced certain death if they so much as scratched it getting it in. I’m happy to report everyone is still alive and well. It went in smooth as butter.

Crating big wooden sign

Now our giant wooden sign is heading out along its long journey down to the sunny hot south (is it possible to be jealous of a sign?) I’m not going to miss this beast, as much as I do enjoy painting such gorgeous artwork. Somehow, I doubt this is the last I’ve seen of these.

Shipping to USA

Hasta la vista!


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