Garden signs and a garden show

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garden signs

These are my babies. I love gardens, and I love signs, so I pushed and directed Dad into designing what are (in my humble unbiased opinion) the prettiest garden signs ever. We unveiled them this past weekend at the annual Yard & Garden show here in Chilliwack at Heritage Park. People loved them!

Landscaping sign

One of my favourite signs just so happened to be at the trade show this year

What I particularly love about these signs is that they are “blast offs” – in other words, they have no borders. This look doesn’t suit all signs, but I think they give these little pretties such a natural rustic look. Interestingly enough, I was inspired by a landscaping sign we recently made that was blasted off… and by the strangest coincidence, Transformations Landscaping brought that exact sign to the show! Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the green colours.

Our plan is to offer the garden signs up for Mother’s Day at only $150 (taxes not included) and hand paint the name for no extra charge. Kind of like ordering a fancy cake made out of high-quality sandblasted cedar. Unlike getting your mom food or flowers though, these last forever like your love for her. Unless, you know, you’re one of those rotten kids.

Even though these particular signs are pre-made and the name is hand painted on, we also offer custom options if you’re in less of a hurry. For the same price, we will sandblast in the name (so “The Smiths” or “Mom’s Garden” is in raised letters like the flowers), and you can pick the colours. If you’re really nice, we may even let you pick a different kind of flower than the roses and tulips we currently offer (I’m just looking for an excuse to get Dad to design more flowers). mom garden sign This is an insanely good deal considering that single small signs, when custom made, usually start at $300-$350. Well enough selling. But you know, you really should order one. They’re fantastic.

All in all we had a wonderful weekend, we met some great people and the show went very well. Hopefully we’ve stirred up enough interest so that my darling garden signs will get the attention they deserve this upcoming Mother’s Day… so I can make some more! (I love flowers so much that I even love painting them). Making pretty signs is what I do best.

Girls at Tradeshow

The Signature Sign girls selling it up at the trade show.

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