Perfect for any occasion, banners are fast and cheap to order. Whether you want a full size photo or just basic lettering, we can do it all.

While standard vinyl banners are not recommended for extended outdoor use, we also offer a heavy duty material that is more durable and less likely to be wind-torn.

commonly used for: birthdays, anniversaries, trade show use, salespeople, temporary advertising of any kind

Benefits Of Banners:

  • Fast to make
  • Cheap to make
  • Easily transported (can fold them up and bring them with you in the car or on the plane)
  • Can be made heavier for exterior use

If you need quick, temporary signage, Banners can be a great friend!

Downsides Of Banners:

  • Not a substitute for a permanent sign
  • Can get wrinkled or torn (especially if you put them outside)


How Long Do Banners Last?

Longevity changes dramatically based on wear


Because banners are able to be folded up and brought with you on the go, their longevity can change dramatically. If you leave them up on the same wall, indoors, the banner could last 20+ years. If you’re constantly folding up your banner to take on sales calls though, you might find your sign lasts only a few years.

That’s why we’ve decided not to give a solid number of years on this page; we’re hoping the education we’ve provided helps you to make a good buying decision!

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