We can manufacture plywood or metal-composite billboards of any size, which can be applied with full-size digital prints or simple vinyl lettering. We also offer reflective options for better nighttime viewing.

Additionally, Signature Sign Studio can arrange the installation of the billboard sign.

commonly used by: mid-large sized businesses, real estate developers, automotive dealers

Benefits Of Billboards:

  • Very large sizes (sometimes even up to 12×40 feet)
  • Easy to read from far away
  • Reflective material available to grab a driver’s attention
  • Perfect for use beside a road to advertise your business or event

Billboards are perfect for businesses that need to advertise in a “big” way.

Benefits Of Billboards:

  • Price increases as size and complexity of sign increases (like any other sign).


How Long Do Billboards Last?

5 Years Average Longevity

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