Magnetics are most commonly used for car signs, though vinyl and graphics can be applied directly to the car as well. Magnetic signs can be made in any size or shape and in full color. Ideal for advertising your business, magnetic signs for vehicles are generally cheap to purchase and easy to ship.

There are different grades of magnetic signs. Here at signature signs, we use the highest grade flexible magnetic signs available, 0.030cm thick. There are thinner fridge-magnet styled signs that go down to 0.020cm, but we don’t use those as they are too thin and not a high-quality product.

commonly used for: real estate agents, salesmen, car branding, for sale by owner signs

Benefits Of Magnetic Signs:

  • Magnetic (can stick to metal)
  • Can take on and off as needed, so great temporary storage
  • Perfect for putting on the side of a vehicle. Can give your vehicle identity, without doing anything permanent
  • Wind tested at up to 150mph, and the signs will stay on (unless you crease it).

Downsides Of Magnetic Signs:

  • If you crease them, the wind can get under it and then say “bye bye” sign!


Magnetic signs are a great option for anyone who needs a sign that “sticks”!

How Long Do Magnetic Signs Last?

Magnetic Sign
5 Years Average Longevity (if taken care of)

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