Metal, either aluminum or the more cost-effective metal-plastic composites, is preferred for the outdoors, standing up well to adverse weather conditions. It has a variety of uses, and is most popular for exterior road signs, direction signs and address signs. Metal signs are often applied with reflective vinyl for better viewing at night.

We recommend that you don’t leave metal signs immersed in a snow bank (very cold) for an extended period of time, as it can strip the decals off of the sign. Our best recommendation is to tie some plastic around the sign, or raise the sign higher off the ground so it doesn’t get caught in a snow bank.

12 Gauge Aluminum

commonly used for: address signs, street signs, highway signs, strata signs (ie. “no parking”), parking lots

Benefits Of 12 Gauge Aluminum:

  • Doesn’t rot
  • Doesn’t warp
  • Doesn’t burn
  • Long Lasting
  • Strong signs that won’t flex or break easily

Downsides Of 12 Gauge Aluminum:

  • Most expensive metal sign
  • Metal thieves can target these types of signs (use AluPanel to get a metal sign that won’t be stolen).


How Long Do 12 Gauge Aluminum Signs Last?

12 Gauge Aluminum
10 Year Average Longevity


We have more metal sign types available. Please contact us for more information.

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There are many knockoffs of AluPanel. Make sure you look for the “AluPanel” brand name! Many of the BC Parks, Forestries, and other government services are switching to AluPanel as a replacement for plywood because the woodpeckers were destroying all of the old plywood signs.commonly used for: replacing plywood signs or anything a plywood sign would be used for


Benefits Of AluPanel:

  • Cheaper than 12 gauge aluminum
  • Metal thieves don’t target AluPanel because it’s a metal/plastic composite and is very hard to get at the valuable metal inside
  • Doesn’t rot
  • Doesn’t warp
  • Less expensive than 12 gauge aluminum
  • Very hard to burn (flame resistant).

Downsides Of AluPanel:

  • Not as sturdy as 12 gauge aluminum
  • Doesn’t last as long either


How Long Does AluPanel Last?

5 Year Average Longevity


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