If you can think of it, there’s a good chance we can make it. Here’s a few additional signs and services we offer:

Vinyl/Digital Prints

Decals, lettering, bumper stickers: we can do it all with our digital printer. Car sign applications are particularly popular for people in business or looking to make a statement.


Not only can we apply to any glass surface, but we can also sandblast glass or apply sandblast imitation vinyl.


If you’re looking for an indoor sign that’s higher quality than Coroplast, Sintra is a smooth, lightweight foam board that is ideal for vinyl application.


Acrylic glass or PMMA, most commonly referred to as “Plexiglas,” is a strong, lightweight product most commonly used for electrical sign faces.


Lexan is a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic that is a higher quality, unbreakable alternative to Plexiglas. It is also generally used for electrical sign faces.

PVC Plastic

PVC Plastic, also known as Komacel, is a high-end plastic product that is noted for its durability and is often used for exteriors. It is also a popular choice for individual cut-out letters.


Most commonly, Styrofoam is requested for inexpensive cut-out letters.

We are of course also happy to provide stands and posts, as well as the installation of any sign for a small fee.

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