Sandblasted Cedar Signs

Often confused with hand routed signs, sandblasted signs are of a much higher quality and a superior looking product. In fact, sandblasted signs could be said to be the opposite of hand routed signs: rather than engraved into the wood, the lettering rises out of the wood to give the sign a unique, 3D look. The rest of the sign has the signature sandblasted appearance with fine wood grain lines of varying heights projecting in a horizontal pattern.

Our sandblasted cedar signs are completely customizable in shape and form. Signs have been made as small as 4” X 12” and as large as 7 X 13 ft. (or as long as 16 ft.). Typically, signs are 2” to 4” thick, though smaller signs can have as small a depth as ½” to ¾”. All signs are meticulously hand painted in fine detail and crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure durability. We also offer faux finishes, artificial aging and gilding in 23 carat gold leaf.

With proper maintenance, a sandblasted wood sign can last several decades. In fact, we have signs over 20 years old that are still in use today. However, dirt from rain, snow and pollution will cause grime to build-up and we highly recommend washing the sign once a year in mild soap and water using a soft cloth or brush. Do NOT pressure-wash as this will permanently damage your sign. If your sign is exposed to extremely adverse weather conditions year-round, we recommend having it re-coated every five to six years.

Sandblasted signs can be used for a variety of applications, and some of our clients have included retails stores, real estate developments, government offices, churches, tourism businesses, farms, malls, hotels, golf courses, and private home owners.

Other Wood Signs

Signature Sign Studio also offers ordinary cedar and plywood signs. These wood signs are ideal for advertisement, road signs, political signs, construction signs, store signs and retail signs.

Unlike most cheap plastic signs, wooden signs are far more weather-resistant and durable. They can be made any custom shape or size, from as small as a lamp-post sign to as large as a billboard sign.

Typically, plywood signs are applied with vinyl lettering or a vinyl graphic print; however, hand painted signs can be made on request.

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