Signature Sign Studio uses only kiln-dried Western Red Cedar wood, a lightweight, rot-resistant wood that displays beautiful marked grain patterns. Each sign is specially cut and selected according to these patterns and carefully sandblasted to an even depth at our special facilities.

Sandblasting is a dangerous and expensive process that needs experience and professional training. It requires a careful touch and a sharp eye to ensure the cedar is blasted evenly while retaining defined and clear edges. We follow strict safety procedures and environmentally friendly practices. All the sand we use is environmentally benign.

Each sign is assembled with protective waterproof glue and larger signs are reinforced with steel rods for long-term stability and strength. They are then blasted with sand under high pressure at our special facilities. After sandblasting, the signs receive a minimum of three coats of long-lasting varnish that contains a U.V. inhibitor; the finished sign looks almost as if it has been coated with glass. Only the highest quality of paints and enamels are used for our carefully hand painted signs.

For more information about our sandblasted wood signs, see our Sandblasted Cedar Signs page, or check out our Sandblasted Signs Gallery.