How long will my sandblasted sign last?

Sandblasted signs last an average of 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance, but they may last even longer. In fact, we have signs over 20 years old that are still in use today. We highly suggest washing the sign once a year in mild soap and water using a soft cloth or brush. Sandblasted signs should never be pressure-washed as this may cause permanent damage. If your sign is exposed to extremely adverse weather conditions year-round, we recommend having it re-coated every five to six years.

How expensive is a sandblasted sign?

Cost is based on the size and complexity of the sign. Sandblasted signs start at a minimum of $300 (for 3 sq ft or under – 1X3 ft, 18”X24” etc). An average 2X3 ft sign with no shaping is generally around $600.

How long does it take to make a sandblasted sign?

To allow for adequate preparation of the cedar for sandblasting and the time needed for drying paint and varnish, it typically takes a minimum of 30 days to completely finish a sandblasted sign.

Are there any restrictions for my sandblasted sign?

Our sandblasted signs are completely customizable in shape and size. However, design lines have to be bold, or they will be blasted off. We will of course modify and design images that are optimal for blasting.

Certain fonts sandblast better than others; we strongly recommend using bold face font for a fine-looking, legible sign. See our font <link: 4.b “Fonts”> page for suggested fonts.

We will gladly hand paint any image you like on the sign. Signs can also be given a faux finish, artificially aged or gilded with 23 carat gold leaf.

What material do you recommend for an outdoor sign?

This depends on how long you want your sign to last and the quality. Plywood lasts for an average of five years, whereas sandblasted cedar signs and metal signs last much longer. We usually recommend going with metal-plastic composites, as they are not only high quality, lightweight and durable, but cost-effective as well. For a plastic, we recommend PVC or Lexan.

Do you install signs?

We are happy to arrange the installation of local signs for a small charge. We can also build and supply posts and stands.

Can you ship outside of Canada?

Signature Sign Studio often ships to the U.S. and overseas. Sandblasted signs are carefully wrapped, crated and marked fragile; all signs are insured for shipping.